Aerial (Aircraft/Helicopter)

As part of the Aerial Shoot involving an aircraft, we will work with the client to determine the exact location of the site and set up the shoot during the best lighting conditions (weather permitting) to provide the most detail as possible.

Once the shoot is complete we work with the client on editing of the photo to meet their requirements.  Once the editing is complete the client will be provided the edited photo and originals for their future use.

For home/business owners; aerial photographs are a great way to show off your property or business.  They can be used as marketing tools or proudly displayed in your home or office.

For contractors/real estate professionals; aerial photographs are a great advertising or marketing tool, help plan future projects, offer a great vantage point of the entire property and make great gifts for clients!

All aircraft aerial photography is conducted in a high wing aircraft or helicopter, which affords maximum visibility of the site.  Pricing for aerial photoshoots can vary depending what the client would like and the travel distance involved.  Please contact us through the contact page for more information or to request a quote.